NOTICE: Due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Command Deck has ceased all operations
. Mobile laser tag services will be available through our sister company, Frontline Laser TAG once
social distancing restrictions have been lifted.
Safety First!

You don't need to worry about big kids trampling your child or shouting obscenities.  
Command Deck never forces you to combine with strangers, so only you can decide who
enters the arena with your loved ones.  Every game briefing is given live by one of our
highly trained referees because a video cannot tell when a player is not listening to the
rules.  Also, to ensure a quality experience, we only host small groups of two to eight
players, so that our referee can see and control what goes on inside the arena at all times.
Easy to find... Just look on the bright side!

No need to venture into the "shady" parts of town to find our arena.  We are
located right next to the children's play area at the Provo Towne Centre in a
bright, clean environment, surrounded by attractions for kids and mom.  No
other laser tag arena lets you relax, try on a new outfit, catch a movie, visit the
salon, grab a bite, or take care of some holiday shopping all without ever
leaving the building. It's a family fun center for the entire family!
Want to play in a larger arena or with a bigger group?

Command Deck is a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Arena.  It was designed for
non-stop action and maximum game intensity.  It's a perfect fit for small children,
and a challenge for adults.

But... if CQB is a little tight for you, why not try mobile outdoor laser tag?  We can
bring all of our equipment directly to you and host games at the location of your
choice.  With our Frontline division, you can experience the intensity of large and
complex battlefields.  Maneuver through the woods, storm the office, or dominate
your own backyard. We'll host the event wherever it's most convenient for you.

It's the perfect activity for birthday parties, group dates, company picnics, family
reunions and more.  Check out
Frontline TAG for more details!
Relax... We've got your back!

If mom needs a break, we can keep your kids entertained while you enjoy a
much-deserved moment of Zen!   Leave the little ones with us, and don't worry about a
thing.  We are great with kids!  All of our referees are clean-cut, background checked,
drug screened, and hand picked for their fun and charismatic personalities.  For your
child's safety and your peace of mind, the arena is monitored and recorded in real time
with wireless surveillance, and you can check the live video feed at any time with our
remote viewing tablet.  Think day care... with lasers!
"Awesome! I needed something inexpensive and fun to do with six boys ages 4-10. Laser tag
at Command Deck was the perfect choice. The boys loved it! I was able to relax and look around in a
nearby store. The employee was helpful and enthusiastic with the boys. The boys are already begging
to go back. 5 Stars!!!!"  - Cherri Hanks
"Best Birthday Party Ever! My son had his 9th birthday party yesterday afternoon
at Command Deck. I bought the $150 party package. The 7 boys (all ages 8 and 9) played laser tag
for an hour, then we had cake and pizza (we brought our own) inside the laser tag course with the
lights on, then the boys split up and some played more laser tag and some played XBox on the giant
TV screen for almost another hour. They all had a great time and we really liked the Command Deck
employee that took care of us. According to my son it was his best birthday party ever!" - Kelly Walker
Safety Second, Third, and Fourth!

Our arena is designed to be bright enough to see what's around you, and
we've created open spaces so players can maneuver safely.  Our walls are
covered with a layer of industrial grade foam padding, and our specially
designed barriers shift and sway to absorb impact and even have pop-out
crush zones to prevent injury in case of collision.

Our laser tag guns shoot infrared light that cannot burn the retina like lasers,
and we provide your choice of ballistic safety glasses or full paint-ball masks
for those who wish to protect their faces from close encounters.
Not you?
Perhaps we can interest you in something else.  How do you fit in with some of our other customers?
Young Adults
Yep... That Guy
Are you ready for the next level?  
Command Deck is a high-tech,
high-energy, fast-paced adrenaline
rush!  The entire arena surges with
lighting effects and accelerating
rhythms.  Digital scoreboards inside
and outside the arena display
real-time scores and game stats with
a live video feed of the action.  Our
gun HUD displays ammo and
health-points and our bases feature
RFID technology for scanning ammo
dumps and re-spawn points.  
Tournaments are held regularly, with
cash prizes for top ranked teams and

Think multiplayer FPS... Live!
Looking for nightlife in Utah?
Because we cater to small groups of
two to eight players, laser tag at
Command Deck is the perfect activity
for a small group of friends and even
better for group dates.  Challenge
your significant other to a one-on-one
dollar duel, or drop by with your posse
for a couples' night out. Private
sessions available, even with only two
players with games priced for starving
students and laser tag addicts alike.  
Open until 11pm!

BTW: If you want to do homework or
play video games while earning
money for school...  
We are hiring!
Don't let the pretty lights fool you!  
Close Quarters Battle is the most
extreme  tactical challenge!  You will
be in a non-stop firefight every
second you are in the arena.  We
have created tactically significant
areas throughout the battle space to
test your skill in both fire and
maneuver.  Expect long-range
engagements as well as tight corners,
high ground, strongholds, ambush
points and more.  Play realistic games
like room clearing with instant death,
limited ammo, and no respawns.  

Not enough...  Ask about shock tag.
Still not what you are looking for?  Click an image above to see what our Frontline division can do for you!
"So Helpful! Nels welcomed us at check in and explained everything so well and had A LOT of
patience. We had my son's 8th birthday party there and it was so much fun for the kids. Nels was so
helpful and kind with us. He even played with my 5 year-old (who was getting tired and ornery) showing
him some of his tricks. He accommodated us to have the room I reserved. Great party and will definitely
be back!"  - Lori Beals