Play for Free!
Post a photo of your event on our Facebook page.  If you get 200 likes, every person
in your group will play their next game for free!


Referral Rewards!
Refer another group to us for their event and have them list your name and email
address in the "Referred By" field when they schedule online.  We will send you
for every group you refer to us!  Refer us for birthday parties, bachelor parties,
group dates, company picnics, family reunions, team building activities, scout groups,
youth groups, church activities, and any other special events!  We know you'll do it
anyway once you've played with us once, but we love to show you our gratitude... with

Referral bonuses do not apply to open games.  Referral rewards will be paid as soon
as your referred group makes final payment for their event.  You referral bonus
payment will be made to you via PayPal and
email address is required for payment.
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