Group Date
Boy Scout Group
While playing with T.A.G., you will learn and apply crucial principles of leadership and team performance.  Learn the Four
C's of Combat Communication.  See the Patrol Method in action.  Use delegation and trust to create force multiplication
and discover the effects of synergy.  No activity is better suited to teach the 11 Timberline leadership skills and prepare
you for a lifetime of successful endeavors.
Finally getting a chance to shoot the boss might be reason enough to organize an
event for your company or management team, but if you need some
ammunition to convince the boss that it's worth the money, we can help
you there too.  

Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on morale and team-building
activities.  TAG costs less than any ropes course or company picnic, and you
will not have a better experience anywhere else.  Even with the best prices in the
market, we still promise to find a solution to meet any budget!

We can arrange a simple activity just for entertainment, or we can provide you
with one of the most comprehensive and effective tools for evaluating and
improving your team's performance.  

Whatever your business may be, we have experiential programs to help you
develop proactive leaders and quality teams in a fun and challenging environment.
"It was very involved and it isn't just fun for
those who have played it lots of times. It
includes everyone and makes them feel
important in their role in the game. You
acknowledge those who do really great things
and help us learn from it too."
-Heidi Cox

"Wow, this was my second time playing T.A.G,
and I loved it just as much as the first time.  
Even the training is interesting... The games
are organized, and people want to comply to
the rules so they can have more fun.  I'm
definitely coming back!  These games are
great ways to get together with friends, get to
know people, or just about anything else!  I'm
definitely going to remember you the next
time I want to have lots of fun with a bunch of
friends...  It was very well organized, and the
people running it knew exactly what they were
doing... it's fun... and totally worth your time
and money!  No regrets!!!"
-Bryan M.
For years, scout groups in the Provo-Orem
area have patronized lazertag arenas on
scout night, but after playing with Tactical
Action Games, every single scout troop has
enthusiastically declared  they will never go
back to traditional lazertag again.  

We have catered to troops everywhere
from Ogden to Payson.  Without
exception, troops find no comparison
between the challenging, fast-paced, team
action of Tactical Action Games and the
chaotic, aimless, skirmishes that are
common in the foggy, plywood mazes of
traditional lazertag arenas.   
High School dances have evolved over the
years into all-day, activity-marathons.  Forget
a movie and dinner.  Groups are doing
everything from bungee jumping to
scavenger hunts in their quest for fun and
originality.  Laser Tag has been an occasional
hit for group dates, but nothing compares to
Tactical Action Games!
Our unique breed of Laser TAG has been an unprecedented hit with the dating
crowd.  We have hundreds of repeat customers from both High School and
College groups.  Whether it's Prom, Morp, Senior Ball, or just a weekend date
with your friends, you'll impress your date and your friends with the unique,
high-adrenaline, entertainment of Tactical Action Games.
"I have played a couple of times with TAG
and found it to be one of the most fun
activities you can do. It’s perfect for a date
night. Some may think that girls would not
enjoy playing laser tag but I have found that
they enjoy it more than the guys do. Josh is a
great organizer and will work around the
needs of your group. The games are perfectly
developed and instructions are given in a
clear consistent manor. I highly recommend
using TAG for family reunions, birthdays, and
the weekend date night... YOU WILL NOT BE
-Tyler Ashton (Provo)

"It was so much fun! I just went tonight and it
was my first time ever going laser tagging and
it was a BLAST! They totally made it fun with
great games and all that. You should
definitely do this!  I really liked how you did
this..... our guide person was funny and made
everything sound so realistic. He really made
sure that everyone understood, and if we
didn't then it was our own fault for just not
asking and just wanting to go out and do it. It
was really great.  Thanks!"
-Kristin Humphrey
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