Q:  Where are you located?

A:  We are located everywhere!  We are located in public parks, on
college and high school campuses, in your backyard, in cultural halls, in
campgrounds, and anywhere else our customers want to play.  

Frontline is not tied down to an indoor location.  You just tell us when
and where you want to play, and we will bring all of the equipment and
expertise directly to you.

  • Enjoy the great outdoors!
  • Experience the intensity of large and complex battlefields!
  • Learn the importance of terrain and tactical maneuvering!
  • Avoid the expense and inconvenience of travel!
  • Host your event where it's most convenient for you!

Mobile Outdoor Laser TAG is Bigger and Better!  But don't take our
word for it.  Read what our clients are saying:

"Being outside was probably the best part. Also having a team to work with made
it great too!" - Scott Richey

"I have recently tried your laser tagging and it was the funnest thing that I have
done all summer.   It was awesome how you would give us tips on how to survive
better and attack the opposing team more efficiently.   I also liked the separate
games we would do.   It was fun to try and take down an assassin instead of just
shooting randomly at an opposing team.   The location of the game was also a
huge plus.   It was fun to just have trees to hide behind instead of man-made
walls.   I want to compliment you on coming up with such a fun and exciting
game.”   -Matt Wald

"Josh, We had a great time last night and really appreciated your coming.  We
recognize that you go above and beyond for us and really do so much for the low
price that you charged, and just know that we appreciate it so much.  Your
coming has been the highlight of the campout for everyone the past two years,
and the kids and parents talk about it all throughout the year.  Thank you for
making it possible for us to enjoy such a fun event.  Again, thanks a million.  You
do such a good job with this event.  It is definitely something you were meant to
do." - Mike Seal, Union Fort Stake YM Pres

"I went a couple of years ago to Lazer Assault in Provo.   Honestly, I didn't enjoy
it very much.   The equipment wasn't too good, we paid a lot of money for only
about half an hour, it was a tiny arena, and too many people in it.   Because of
the experience I had there, I wasn't too excited to come and play again.   When
we started playing, I absolutely loved it!   It was so much fun!   The new design
for the equipment- the new guns and headset- were so awesome!   All the games
we played were a lot of fun as well.   I liked the fact that we were able to play
outside, especially up the canyon.   It was awesome!   Thank you for the
awesome time!”-Brigg Olsen

"I liked how it doesn't cost very much, especially when compared to places like
Laser Assault.   And it's a lot funner than LaserAssault, too... more room, more
varied scenery, more different games, and no endlessly repeating “Mortal
Combat”... All the games are great, and it's a brilliant set-up and a lot of fun.   I
keep telling people that they don't know what lasertag is, and I'd like to organize
a game myself... So, thank you.   Because it was great, and I loved it.”-Amelia

"Playing laser tag this way is fun, there are lots more options, space and
possibilities with this than at traditional laser tag places (not to mention that its
more real)... “-Zachary Zundell

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