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We also believe in constant personal improvement and in seeking self-actualization.  
Life-long learning is a key component of success, but not every lesson is learned in the

In our company, we learn through living.  Experiential, or Challenge Learning, has become
the most sought-after method of leadership training and team building.  Ropes courses
and outdoor recreation programs are flourishing all across the nation.  In the midst of
these training programs, outdoor laser tag is emerging worldwide as the most entertaining
and effective activity for leadership development and team building.  

No learning activity illustrates the challenges and experiences of life and business more
effectively than mock warfare.  No activity puts more on the line and places greater
demands on leaders and team members.  At Tactical Action Games, we have a unique  
approach to learning.  We teach real combat tactics and are able to draw parallels to all of
the most essential principles of leadership and team-performance.