Q:  Where can we play?

A:  You can play anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors, wherever you
have access to public areas or permission to use private property.  We
suggest you choose an area with natural cover and variation in terrain,
but for open areas, we can provide up to 50 obstacles to add cover and
concealment to the battlefield.

Parks with pavilions, restrooms, gazebos, boulders, rock walls, and
trees large enough to hide behind are best.  Parks with hills and terraces
are better than flat parks.  We also recommend you choose a park that
is not bordered by houses.  
Click here to see examples of good and bad

Laser TAG is not restricted by any law; however, some areas do restrict
certain activities, and many public parks have curfews.  Avoid areas that
are dangerous, and scout out the area for hazards such as barbed wire,
pits, cliffs, broken glass, etc.

Always make sure you have permission to play on private property,
and be sure to call the non-emergency number of your local police
department to inform them that you will have people playing with toy
Laser TAG guns in the area at the specified time.