Q:  How much does it cost to play?

A:  $20 per player for a two-hour session.

Frontline specializes in hosting special events and mobile laser tag parties for
large groups of 20-50 players.  These large events are usually hosted with our
Sport TAG Set.  Our per-player price for Sport TAG is $20.  You pay the day of
your event and only pay for the number of players who actually participate,
regardless of the group size you reserved.  You can reduce this price by
purchasing a group rate package or by requesting a Jr. Officer for your event.  

For our Sport Set, these prices include equipment rental and a two-hour session
of scenario games hosted by a Frontline officer.  These prices do NOT include
travel fees, obstacles, or sales tax.  
Prices vary for other equipment sets, and
special discounts may apply.  
Click Here for detailed information on pricing.

Other Frequent Pricing Questions:

Q:  Do you have group rates?

A:  Yes.  Group rate packages give you a flat rate for your group.  This rate
allows you to pay one price for up-to a maximum number of players.  Group rate
packages must be paid in full in advance, and there is no refund or prorate if
your group is smaller than the maximum group size.  Group rates can be
requested when you confirm your reservation.

Up to 20 Players: $300 Flat Rate
Up to 30 Players: $350 Flat Rate
Up to 40 Players: $400 Flat Rate
Up to 50 Players: $500 Flat Rate   

Q:  Is sales tax included in the listed prices?

A:  No.  Sales tax of 6.85% will be added to all listed fees.  Tax exempt
organizations must submit an
exemption certificate.

Q:  Are there any other fees?

A:  Maybe...  Some groups may pay a travel fee.  A $50 minimum travel fee
applies to all games located outside of Utah county.  Travel within Utah County
is free.  Travel beyond Utah County is .50 cents per mile from Orem, UT.

Groups may also order additional products and services such as obstacles or
training modules.  
Click Here for detailed information on pricing.