General Service Policy:        
Players with reservations must arrive on-time for their game. Extra time will not
be given to late players. Players must wear closed-toed shoes with good
traction and must comply with all rules and instructions. Command Deck
reserves the right to refuse service and issue a refund to any customer for any
reason. Command Deck will eject players from the game for intentional violation
of safety or gameplay rules. Refunds will not be issued to ejected players.

Reservation Policy:        
Reservations can be made in real time with as little as a two-hour notice.

Cancellation Policy:        
All sales are final. Refunds are NOT issued for cancellation or no-show.

Payment Policy:        
Full payment must be made in advance to book a game session.  Reservations
paid with a
Gift Card must be made over the phone.  Call 866-500-1142.

Please accept these terms of service to continue: